Simply the best battery terminal...ever.

Easy Install

Simple installation anyone can do

Military Grade

Passed US Military Salt Corrosion Test

Extends Battery Life

Corrosion causes stress on your cars electrical system

Designed with Corrosion Free Materials

When electricity passed through dissimilar metals “Galvanic Corrosion” begins. The most active metal will corrode at an accelerated rate. Traditional battery connectors are lead, with the locking device made of steel/zinc, dissimilar metals. Gator Loc™ is constructed with no exposed dissimilar materials, leaving no possibility for corrosion.

Environmentally Friendly

Partially manufactured from recycled lead & recycled packaging materials. Gator Loc™ is made of fully recyclable materials.

No Tools Required

Gator Loc™ is designed to be installed by hand, without the use of tools. Using hammers, pliers, or wrenches, is not recommended and would likely damage the connectors when installing on the battery.

Installation is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

No corrosion inhibiting sprays or pads necessary for maintenance.

Buy Gator Loc™

Superior Durability & Made in the U.S.A.

Gator Loc™ was created to last a lifetime and is virtually corrosion free. Gator Loc™ has been tested by Viking Labs using military grade salt corrosion tests. In addition Gator Loc™ has also passed a 1 million mile vibration test. The battery actually exploded and the Gator Loc™ terminals were still attached to the battery posts. Gator Loc™ is the best battery terminal connector you will ever use on your vehicle.

4 Easy Steps to Install Cable into Connector

Step 1

Strip 7/8" (22mm) of insulation from the cable end. Insert cable end through heat shrink tubing prior to step #2.

Step 2

Insert bare wire into compression nut.

Step 3

Thread Gator Loc™ connector body on compression nut.

Step 4

Hold compression nut using open-end box wrench or adjustable wrench. Rotate Gator Loc™ connector body down using another wrench on the Hex Nut on Gator Loc™ connector body until the compression nut is seated.

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